AUDIO – UK Parliament Week 2020 information

With UK Parliament Week is running from Sunday, 1st November to Saturday, 7th November.

Alistair spoke to Education Officer, Fiona Payne who is running a series of Remote ‘active citizenship’ workshops which are now available across Northern Ireland. Most importantly, these workshops will demonstrate how citizens can get their voices heard through engagement in democratic processes. Coronavirus has transformed life in Northern Ireland – with many aspects of our lives still not back to normal.

With such huge changes taking place, it is vitally important that people living in Northern Ireland are able to understand how they can affect change and get their voices heard.

UK Parliament Week (UKPW) is an annual festival designed to showcase what Parliament does and explore what it means to people from across the UK. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of UKPW, the focus will be on the next 10 years, thinking about what issues are important to you and how you can work with UK Parliament to bring about change.

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