Be safe at the beach – RNLI

The message from the RNLI is to be safe at the beach this summer.

“Our lifeguard patrols can’t be everywhere this summer. Make it a safe summer with the RNLI’s beach safety campaign and help protect your family at the beach. This is an RNLI water safety campaign delivered in partnership with HM Coastguard.”

In June, Denis McNeill spoke with Karl O’Neill about our local coastline.

What are the dangers for kids at the beach?

Without you by their side, children are vulnerable at the beach. They need you to protect them from the sea’s unpredictable waves, rip currents and cold water. And, this summer, fewer lifeguard patrols will be on hand to supervise or rescue your family.

How to keep your family safe at the beach

Don’t use inflatables – they get swept out to sea, with you or your child on them. And watch out for rip currents. Here’s how to spot them and get out of them. Every beach is different, so make a point of reading any safety signs.

What if you do get into danger?

If you have your mobile phone, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard, and they will send help. Leave difficult rescues to the lifesavers. If there are lifeguards nearby, alert them. If you or your children are struggling in the water, remember: FLOAT TO LIVE.

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