Exam results helpline for A-level & GCSE students

The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) has set up a dedicated results helpline which offers advice and guidance for students who are expecting their A-Level and GCSE results over the next fortnight.

The helpline will be in operation from 9am until 5pm, starting Wednesday 12 August to Wednesday 26 August. On A level results day, Thursday 13 August, the helpline will open from 8am. Anyone with queries regarding CCEA’s examination results can call 028 9026 1260, email helpline@ccea.org.uk, or log onto the CCEA website www.ccea.org.uk/summer-awarding to access answers from the Frequently Asked Questions section.

CCEA’s Examinations Manager, Michael Crossan commented:

The past few months have been challenging and unsettling for learners and their parents awaiting results, following the unprecedented cancellation of examinations.

This year, like every other year, our dedicated helpline and experienced staff will be on hand to support with any query you may have about your CCEA results. I would encourage any student to reach out to us if you need guidance or further information.  

I wish learners best wishes for their results!

The useful FAQ section, available on CCEA’s website, will also provide information on the most common issues around the period of the results.