Latest labour market statistics published

The labour market statistics were published today (11 August 2020) by the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (NISRA).

8,755 redundancies were proposed in the twelve months to the end of July, more than double the number recorded in the previous twelve months. The total number of proposed redundancies in July 2020 was 1,904, following almost 2,500 in June. A further 163 were proposed between 1st and 10th August.

The number of confirmed redundancies (3,112) in the most recent 12 months was 74% higher than in the previous 12 months (1,785). NISRA, acting on behalf of the Department for the Economy, received confirmation that 610 redundancies took place in July 2020.

During April-June 2020, 7,900 vacancies were notified to the Department for Communities, fewer than half the number in the previous quarter and the same period a year earlier.

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